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In network with the following insurance plans:

*Unable to accommodate self-pay, secondary plans, or out of network billing 

*Not taking Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Medicaid or Medicare at this time

Initial Appointment: 90 minutes 

  • Complete history of past symptoms and diagnosis

  • Discussion of how current symptoms are impacting day to day function and what is most bothersome to you (if you could change one thing, what would that be) 

  • Review of all past and current psychiatric medications (helpful to have list with dosages and length tried etc.) 

  • Discussion of family and social history 

  • Review of physical causes to be ruled out that may be impacting mental health (you will be asked to have a Primary Care Provider to follow up with)

  • Education about how medications impact the brain, potential side effects, benefits, and alternatives 

  • Ample time to ask questions. Collaborative planning and individualized treatment recommendations. Medication prescriptions may be written at this time. Patients are typically rescheduled at this time for a follow up appoinment in approximately 3-4 weeks. 

  • If after this initial appoinment, the patient or provider feel that they are not a good fit, we will make every effort to provide alternative recommendations.  


Follow-Up Appointments: 30-60 minutes

  •  Typically occur every 3-4 weeks while medications are being changed or adjusted or if patient has been struggling with stability.  

  • Once stable, follow ups typically occur every 60- 90 days. 

  •  Includes assessment of medication, effectiveness/benefit or lack of benefit, any side effects experienced.

  •  Brief psychotherapy if indicated.

  •  Ample time to discuss any questions, alternatives, or associated risks or concerns.  

  • Time dedicated to sending prescription electronically to patients preferred pharmacy. 

Additional information

We are unable to provide the following services

  • Diagnosis for academic and/or disability evaluation/accommodations

  • Emotional support animal letters 

  • Assessment to return to work, ability to own a weapon, safety to operate a vehicle, etc. 

About controlled prescription medications 

  • Controlled medication prescribing in the State of Washington is not provided by Rainflower Psychiatry.

  • Controlled prescription drug usage is monitored via The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), prescribing providers and pharmacies have a duty to participate. 

  • Benzodiazepine medications are not routinely prescribed by Rainflower Psychiatry. 

  • Controlled prescription medications are contraindicated in the context of active alcohol and/or cannabis use disorder.

* Please contact us to inquire further about our controlled prescription polices. 

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